Coming Soon in April !!!

“Double, Double Play, Home Run” is an exciting new way to enjoy live professional baseball and truly enhances the game experience with a social virtual betting component that adds an exceptional level of excitement and entertainment. Compete with your friends to see who comes in first on the "Leaderboard."

WIN the "Pot" based on live qualifying plays made when it is your turn!

It’s a socially connected game interfaced in "near real-time" with live major league baseball action which makes this a thrilling, fun, new way to watching baseball!!

"We're making baseball great again!..."

The “Live Game Experience!”
This app interfaces with a live game feed from major league baseball games and truly makes this an engaging and unique user experience that will leave you wanting more!
Please note that there will be a natural delay in updating the stats within the app.
The app will update so be patient!

This app is meant for you and your friends to play alongside with a live ballgame.
Whether you are watching a ballgame live or on television, you can “Root” for your batter or infield to make that qualifying play when it is your turn!
You can also “root” against the batters when it is not your turn!
Will you be the big winner?

Here is how you play!
Download “Double, Double Play, Home Run” from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Fill in the fields to register to play.

Join A Game!
Choose one of any of the daily major league games available in the app
You can join as few as one game or as many as all available daily games for that day.
All games are listed Eastern Time
All games schedules follow the major league baseball daily game schedule

Select Your Virtual Bet Amount!
Once you select your game, you now select your virtual bet amount.
The virtual bet amount is the amount the game places during your turn.
Choose from a $1, $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 game.
The bigger the virtual bet the larger the “Pot” can grow!

Visit the Store!

As a new player you will receive free play virtual coins to wet your appetite.

Enter the Game!
This is where all the action and excitement takes place!
Once you select your virtual bet amount, just wait until your game starts.
The app will notify you when games start only when you select to choose “notifications on” within the app game settings.
We highly suggest you enable this feature so you don't miss the action!
Once the live baseball games start, the app will randomly pick the “Line up” which is the order of your turn.
When it is your turn the game automatically submits your virtual bet.

How you win!
There are four main ways to win the Pot! Remember, you only can win when it is your turn!
Win when a batter hits a double you win the pot.
Win when a batter hits a home run you win the pot.
Win when the infield makes a double-play you win the pot.
Win when the player that is up during the last out made of the game wins the remaining pot!

AI or Artificial Intelligence!
AI feature is key to stay in the game!
If you need to exit the game you should enable either Global or Local AI in the game settings.
AI feature will keep your place and play in the game.
If this feature is not enabled your play will be removed from the game.

Global and Local AI
Global AI will keep you active in all games
Local AI will keep you active in only the game you select to stay active in.
Please Note to enable this feature in "game settings" for Global AI and the “Game Play” screen for Local AI settings.

**This app uses virtual coins not redeemable for cash.

Double double play home uses mlb stats for the ultimate baseball game experience to enjoy your favorite mlb games.

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